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Migration is a phenomenon that has impacted quite a few countries of the world. Migration has become the driving force of the developments in the economic and social scenes for many countries of the world. The most prosperous and developed countries of the world have scripted history in the way it has dealt with migration. It’s worthwhile to understand world migration trends and the participation of different nations in the process.

How are migration and immigration different?

By definition, migration happens when people travel with the purpose of stay within the borders of a country or across the borders of different countries. Migration is a time-bound or purpose-bound activity. This could be people moving from place to place for work, study, asylum, or visit.

Immigration happens when people cross international borders with the intention of becoming permanent residents of another country. This is a trip made to settle in another country and to acquire the identity of being another national.

Countries that welcome migrants the most

It’s hard for countries to be generous but when they are, they become the torch-bearers of hope in the global scenario. It happens with world migration trends in a significant manner.

There’s a highly impactful give and take that happens as countries accept migrants. As they are absorbed into the country’s cultural, social, and economical spheres, the fortunes of these countries could well change.

Here, we will look at what Gallup, global analytics and advice firm, has found about the trends of migration among world countries. We will learn which countries Gallup has found to be most accepting of migrants.

The recent global approach towards migrants

There’s a significant context we need to set before we give the names of countries that are most welcoming of migrants. Gallup has seen a gradually growing trend of world nations less keen about accepting migrants.

Let’s look at Gallup’s Migrant Acceptance Index. In the period from 2016 to 2019, there was a decline in the acceptance of migrants, from 5.34 to 5.21.

People of more countries have probably started to see migrants as detrimental to their economies and social well-being in recent times. But still, it’s good to see countries that stand up for migrants and prove that migrants can be beneficial for them.

Countries that accept migrants the most

The following are some countries that are among the most migrant-accepting countries in the world.

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • The USA
  • Sweden
  • New Zealand

The topper is still Canada!

Canada continues to be in the lead when it comes to accepting migrants. The Migration Acceptance Index of Canada was 8.46 in 2019 and the country still continues to stay on top in matters of migration. The Index score of the US was 7.95 in 2019 and had pushed the country to 6th place on the Index.

What has to be noted is that Canada and the USA have a great history of welcoming migrants. Lately, the 2 countries took different stances regarding accepting migrants. Canada, led by Justin Trudeau flung the doors wide open to migrants, while former US President Donald Trump shut them on migrants.

The result was that Canada got a roaring advantage and favor of migrants worldwide who saw the country as the next best option to the USA. Now, they are probably seeing Canada as a better place to be rooting for than the USA. Canada is far from slowing down on its immigration activities.

In fact, Canada has set its immigration targets higher during the COVID-19 and has made huge investments in bringing more immigrants to the country. Canada is investing in programs that make it easy and convenient for expats to settle down in the country and the appeal for the nation has surely gone up.

Nevertheless, today, under the governance of Joe Biden, the US could very well reclaim its stature with regards to migration.      That’s because the US is still the giant economic power that opens up umpteen chances for skilled people to work and thrive.

Other notable nations

Sweden, Iceland, Australia, and New Zealand are some other top nations that are welcoming of migrants.

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