Work in Poland – A watch on Poland’s job scene in 2022 and beyond

Jobs outlook in Poland for 2022 and beyond to work in Poland

Poland is an ideal destination for jobseekers for many reasons. Let’s see few reasons as to why one must choose to work in Poland.

  • The trend of the progress of the Polish economy in the years leading to 2020 was upwards. The country has been attracting investments from companies. This gives skilled foreign workers the opportunity to find work and develop their craft and take their careers to new heights.
  • Poland is situated in the center of the EU. Also, infrastructure in the country is top-notch.
  • Compared to most countries in the EU, Poland has lower cost of living.
  • Poland has a very low unemployment rate. Even close to the end of 2020, the unemployment rate stood just close to 4%.
  • Polish people have very good command of English too. So, international migrants won’t face difficulty in communicating with the natives.
  • The Polish people are a very welcoming and sociable. So, merging with the local population won’t be a problem.

The employment scene in Poland

Corporate employment in Poland climbed by 1.8% year on year. It came close to 6.5 million people in July 2021. In the previous month, there was a 2.8% increase in the employment rate.

The major sectors where migrants could find their place in in-demand jobs were:

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Healthcare

Here is a list of the top occupations and the salary they have in Poland.

  • Engineering – $2000
  • Information Technology – $2173
  • Finance & Accounting – $1800
  • Human Resources – $1500
  • Healthcare – $3000

The job forecast for Poland from 2021 to 2025

In the years to come, Poland will provide job opportunities mostly to professionals. So, if you are a professional in any in-demand areas, you have a good chance to work in Poland.

The percentage of the labor force with high-level qualifications will be highest among the total talent intake across borders. Managers and professionals will have the most opportunities to work in Poland in the period extending to 2025.

Among the next most in-demand occupations will be Sales & Services and professionals in technical roles.

The best step forward

If you are a qualified and skilled professional in high-demand sectors like healthcare, IT, and engineering, and want to move to Europe, Poland could be a good choice to make.

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