Work in Germany, France or Italy – Hottest jobs available in 5 EU nations now

Work in Germany, France or Italy - Hottest jobs available in 5 EU nations now

Work culture after COVID has been changed due to changes in job trends all over the world. There are five European countries where different job titles have been created for the past five years and this data has been shown by LinkedIn.

The job titles for different countries have been discussed below:


  • Public Sector Consultant

Public sector consultants have the job of giving advice to the public and state institutions regarding the digitalization and modernization of the infrastructure and administration.

  • Product Analyst

Product analysts have the job of evaluating products of a company with the help of metrics. This evaluation is done to check whether the products are meeting the current and future needs of the company.

  • Business Development Representative

The responsibility of business development representative is to identify if there are any prospective customers and clients. If they find any such customer, they try to reach them out.

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  • Freight Forwarder

The task of the freight forwarder is to organize and supervise the transportation and shipment of goods.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

The responsibility of a machine learning engineer is the development and implementation of self-running artificial intelligence algorithms and systems for different applications and products.

  • Robotics Engineer

The responsibility of a robotics engineer is to design the robots. After that robots are constructed and then they are tested for their functionality.

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  • Sales Operations Manager

The task of the sales operation manager is to lead the departments whose task is to optimize the sales process. This optimization helps in the identification of growth opportunities and implementation of forecasting.

  • Billing Assistant

Billing assistants work in accounts department. The task of a billing assistant is the management of the financial entries which includes the issuance of invoices, sending reminders, monitoring different kinds of payments, and many other tasks.

Note: France also has the job of business development representative.


  • Cloud Architect

The task of a cloud architect is to design cloud environments that are scalable and are able to meet the needs of an organization.

Note: Italy also has the openings for Robotics Engineer and Machine Learning Engineer.

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  • Site Reliability Engineer

The job of a task reliability engineer is to develop automated tools which increase the efficiency and reliability of a system. The engineer has to work with IT operations and software development departments.

Note: Spain has the job openings of Business Development Representative and Cloud Architect.

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