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Australian Citizenship test

Is Australian citizenship your cherished dream? Here’s news for you. Alan Tudge, the acting Immigration, Citizenship, Migration Services and Multicultural Affairs Minister of Australia has announced some important changes that will be made to the Australian Citizenship test.

As per the latest word in the immigration Australia scene, Tudge has stated that the test will put a stronger focus on Australian values. This follows his thought that Australian citizenship is both a privilege and a responsibility. So, obviously those who understand, appreciate and adhere to its culture, laws, and values will be the ones to be chosen. The new citizens sharing common values with native Australians is crucial to ensure that immigration benefits the country’s best interests.

The test will include questions of Australian values. The new move is supposed to work towards creating a social cohesion that will lead long into the future. The Australian government will also update the Australian Values Statement. This Statement is signed by permanent and temporary migrants and applicants for Australian citizenship.

Understanding the Australian Values Statement can help you see things in a clearer context. As of now, the Statement says:

  • Australian society confers great value to:
    • Respecting the dignity and freedom of the individual,
    • Equality of genders,
    • Freedom of religion,
    • Respect to parliamentary democracy,
    • Commitment to the law of the country, and
    • A spirit of egalitarianism that contributes to mutual respect, compassion, fair play, and tolerance for the needy and in pursuit of the common good
  • Australian society sees great value in the equality of opportunity for people, regardless of their religion, race, or ethnicity
  • As the national language, English will act as an important element that unifies the Australian society.

For a person to seek to become a citizen of Australia, he/she must understand that Australian citizenship:

  • is a shared identity, that represents the common bond that plays a vital role in uniting all Australians, while giving all respect to their diversity
  • involves reciprocal rights and responsibilities, including obeying the country’s laws including those that relate to serving on a jury and voting at elections

It’s implied that a citizen will pledge loyalty to Australia and its people.

So, this shows how Australia immigration requirements are becoming more focused on creating a model citizen who is committed to the nation.

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