Germany’s advice against travel to 160 countries shows diligence

Germany extends advice

There’s been a lot of thought that Germany has been putting in to ensure that its citizens are safe from the effect of COVID-19 pandemic. The nation has advised its citizens not to visit countries where the epidemiological situation is not satisfactory enough.

So, now Germany has a list of nations it does not want its citizens and residents to go to on a visitor or tourist visa, or people to arrive from without being thoroughly tested.  Over 160 nations are there on that list and Germany discourages its residents and citizens to visit at least until 14th September 2020. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has identified these countries as high-risk regions.

Germany advises its people not to travel to any country except:

  • The EU Member States
  • Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland
  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • The Vatican State, San Marino, and Monaco

Looking at more specific instructions by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the following list of advice has been found:

  • German citizens and residents should avoid non-essential travel to the French Cote d’Azur and Paris.
  • They should also avoid unnecessary tours to Marseille and Nice.
  • German people should not travel to Spain except for the Canary Islands.
  • Travel is not advised to 11 parts of Romania which include the country’s capital Bucharest.
  • The authorities advise German people not to take part in cruises as cruise travel in the pandemic time brings special risks. Nevertheless, this does not include river cruises within the EU or Schengen area in which specific hygiene concepts are implemented.

The Ministry also prescribes measures for German people returning from such high-risk areas around the world. These returnees must get a PCR test done and follow the quarantine procedures until the results are available.

Germany migration scene highly alert and the country is on its guard so vehemently as It has been one of the worst-hit countries among EU member states. But still, the country is affected lesser than other European countries like France, Italy, and Spain.

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