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Posted on November 08 2021

Why work overseas in Austria - The Austrian job scene in 2022

By  Editor
Updated October 18 2023

Welcome to Austria, Europe. This developed European country is calling skilled people from the world over to enrich the country’s labor market. The country is also making its own native workforce ready for many modern careers. So, if you are ready to work in Austria in 2022, here’s a look at how the prospects seem.


Talking about Austria, it must be noted that this country has a high wellness rate and stands above average in jobs, personal safety, healthcare, education, environmental quality, and housing. The OECD vouches for these qualities Australia possesses. That means, if you are looking for work overseas, Austria is a safe and promising place to explore.

Austria offers lots of opportunities for foreigners to work in the country for monthly salaries that range between €2,076 and €3,806 or more. The job scenario is pretty good in Austria and it gets better considering factors like standard of living that’s among the top 20 in the world.

In Austria, the key thing to do is to look for specialized professions. Austria is looking for professionals in specialized areas to lift its economic sector and industry performance. So, if you are in any of the following areas of work, you have a great chance at developing your career in Austria in 2022.

The IT Sector

In the IT sector professionals are paid an average monthly salary of €4,677. Professionals in high demand include IT Engineers, Programmers, Database Developers, Networking professionals, software engineers, and system programmers.


Professionals in the banking sector get an average monthly salary of €4,227. These bankers are depended on for their experience and proficiency in handling financial data and responsibilities.


Education is a prominent field that needs qualified and experienced teaching professionals. In Austria professionals in the field of education are paid an average monthly salary of €3,110.

Electrical Engineering

Skilled and qualified electrical engineers are required in Austria to maintain and develop infrastructural utilities. Workers in this professional area get an average monthly salary of €3,580.

Marketing and PR

The creative and foresighted professionals in this area are essential in the commercial scene and hence are well in demand. They get an average monthly salary of €3,779.


There are many important professional roles that are to be filled in the commerce sector. These skilled professionals get an average monthly salary of €3,420.

Austria for employment growth

Austria expects high growth in its sales and service sector, which are contributive to many other industrial sectors like commerce, healthcare, and manufacturing. A very high rise in job opportunities is forecasted in the health and education sector by 2025.

So, if you can prove resourceful and skilled in such areas, your prospects are bound to shine in Austria in 2022. Increased hiring is expected in Austria as the country rebounds from the COVID-19 crisis. Upgrade your professional skills and find well-paid, prospective employment in Austria.

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