Weekly Immigration News Sep 21st to 25th

weekly Immigration News sep 21st to 25 th
NSW prepares to bring international students early in 2021

NSW to welcome foreign students early 2021

With plans to revive the educational sector post after the COVID-19 crisis, NSW is taking steps to facilitate the return of foreign students in early 2021.

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Stuck Schengen visa holders must leave Germany in September

Stuck Schengen visa holders must leave Germany in September

Germany asks expired Schengen visa holders stranded in the country owing to COVID-19 to leave to their home countries by September 30, 2020.

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Thailand’s new long-term travel visa to revive tourism

Thailand to bring new long-term travel visa

The new long-term visa with a 90-day validity is going to be introduced by Thailand for travelers who wish to spend quality time in the country.

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The US is up to increase wage level of H-1B visa holders

Raised wage level in US for H-1B holders

It’s been proposed in the US to increase the wage level of H-1B and other work permits holders. The move is expected to have a big impact on US worker migration.

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Australia helps offshore visa holders with new measures

Australia’s new steps help offshore visa-holders

Australia will help visa holders like students stranded offshore with measures to enable them keep their visas valid until COVID-19 travel restrictions end.

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Apply for Dubai’s retirement visa now on easier terms

Apply for Dubai’s Retirment visa easier

If you are going to apply for Dubai’s retirement visa, as per a new rule, you won’t need a medical insurance during initial stages of application.

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More of Italy’s VACs reopen in world countries

Italy’s VACs reopen in world countriesIn many of Italy’s VACs around the world services have resumed by accepting immigration visa applications and providing other services in a limited way.

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Travel has now resumed between Hungary and Austria

Hungary lifts entry ban on AustriaHungary’s entry ban relaxed for commuters traveling between the country and Austria from September 1, 2020, is the latest positive from the region.

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