Wage level to decide H-1B visa selection in the US

US proposes change in H-1B visa selection

The US government has decided to replace the lottery system for an H-1B visa with a wage-based selection process. This will stop the current practice of foreign students and professionals with US degrees competing in a lottery to get an H-1B visa.

With the new wage-level-based system, the IT companies other than the US ones functioning in the US will find it difficult to employ skilled foreign candidates to work in USA as it will become a much costlier affair now.

The Trump administration has always been in favor of US tech companies. The successive restrictive policies of Trump have indicated that the US is interested in giving work permits to US tech companies rather than IT services companies of other countries, especially Asian ones like India.

DHS has stated that upon finalizing the proposal, the new selection process will push the employers in the US to offer higher wages or petition for positions that need higher skills workers who match up to those skills instead of filling relatively lower-paid vacancies. The employers will be incentivized for this by the US government.

If this proposal gets sanctioned, foreign companies in the US will only be able to bring in professionals at wage level 4. Only top-level employees will be able to enter the USA.

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DHS – Department of Homeland Security

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