US now proposes not to grant business visa for H-1B jobs

US proposal against business visa for H-1B jobs

The US seems to be on an offensive mode against visa issues for non-immigrant class. The US government has now proposed to stop issuance of temporary business visas like B-1 for H-1B specialty occupations. Till now, it allowed overseas companies to send their tech professionals to the US for a short term to work in USA to complete jobs on-site in the US.

The case in point is the B-1 visa, which is a non-immigrant visa for foreigners who want to enter the USA temporarily for business. It has been looked on as an opportunity for foreign professionals to enter the US and work in USA in skilled jobs. It even encourages the workers and their employers to circumvent the requirements and restrictions under the ‘H’ non-immigrant visa class. These restrictions were originally established by Congress to protect US workers.

The State Department has stated that the proposed changes and the transparency that will come as a result will bring a favorable change for the US workforce. The proposed policy will save the US workers from the impact of aliens taking over specialty occupation without the protections under the procedure attached to the H-1B visa classification.

The State Department has also decided lately to the effect that if a foreign firm sought H-1B visas for its professionals to work in the US, the firm will require to pay the current US rate of wage for such professionals. The firm will also needto meet the other requirements dictated by Congress. These requirements are in view to safeguard the US workers.

The application process for a B-1 visa does not include the procedural requirements that come with an H-1B visa. Also, the fees for B-1 visas are much lesser than that of H-1B visas. These are also contributory factors to firms opting for the B-1 visa to get similar advantages of H-1B visas along with the absence of H-1B’s checks that are meant to protect US workers.

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