Why visiting Australia post bushfires is still a good plan

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Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It has a lot of natural wonders and cultural attractions that kindle the wanderlust. The raging bushfires have challenged the country. But it has kept its doors open for fond tourists who will still find plenty to enjoy.   

There is good news for tourists though. Cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane are safe from fires. It is still possible to relish the sights of Southern Great Barrier reef! Australian Tourism officials are assuring travellers about the safety of its travel destinations. It is still a great plan to travel to Australia for a vacation!   

In fact, Australia’s local population is welcoming tourists at this hour! Your trip to Australia will be a great support to them! You only need to plan the itinerary consulting with your travel and visa agent. Check out travel alert pages created by Australian tourism to guide you. Local resources are always ready to help you with updates.    

Among the places still intact as projected by Australian tourism sources are:   

  • Tasmania – the incredible trekking and hiking outdoor destination   
  • Queensland – the natural wonder and outback destination   
  • Sydney – the destination with a bouquet of amazing attractions and activities   
  • Melbourne – the traditional and natural magnificence to witness   

The Australian government is operating rescue and rebuild plans for affected areas.  

“Australia’s fire-affected areas will rebuild and I’m confident travellers from across the globe, including from the US will continue to visit, not only to support the recovery of these regions but because they will continue to be world-class tourism destinations” – Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham   

The catastrophic event has taken centre stage. Australia has support from nations all over the world to recover. Immigration companies like us are making your visit to Australia a dream come true. It will add to your lush travel experience. That will, in turn, help them recover from their losses. 

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