Use the jobs outlook in Ireland to go for an Ireland work visa in 2022

Jobs Outlook Ireland

Do you know that as per the studies conducted by one of Ireland’s recruitment companies, Ireland has registered a 25% growth in job postings in spite of the COVID-19 situation across the world? If this sounds impressive for one, there are more reasons to choose Ireland as your destination to go to with an Ireland work visa:

  • Ireland has the fastest-growing economy in the EU.
  • The demand for IT workers is particularly high in Ireland which has a job market dominated by the service sector.
  • The hospitality and tourism industry of Ireland needs more skilled and casual workers.
  • Several multinational companies including Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have their presence in Ireland.

We think a jobs outlook in Ireland for 2022 will help you in identifying your opportunities in the country. Here are some of the most in-demand jobs in the country in 2022.


Projects on artificial intelligence and advancements in data science are part of the highly progressive discussions happening in the country. If you are into professions under IT and have specialized knowledge there will be many opportunities open for you.

Information technology professionals earn an average annual salary of approximately €55,000.

Finance & Accounting

Ireland’s demand for financial skills could only be going up in 2022. Many of the world’s largest financial firms have already docked in Ireland and are making way for tremendous job opportunities for finance professionals.

Finance & Accounting professionals earn an average annual salary of approximately €45,000.

Web Development

With the dynamic landscape of online technologies reshaping work and life, the significance of web developers is high. With expertise in creating websites and web platforms that are adaptable and scalable, you can land well-paid jobs in Ireland.

Web developers earn an average annual salary of €55,000 in Ireland.


It’s needless to say how significant healthcare professionals have become in recent times with the COVID-19 pandemic situation. In 2022, nurses will be among healthcare professionals who will have the highest demand.

The average annual salary of nurses in Ireland is €40,000.

Popular professions in Ireland in 2022

Here are some popular professions in Ireland in 2022 and their approximate average annual salaries:

  • Software Engineer – €65,000
  • Accountant – €53,000
  • Graphic Designer – €35,000
  • Interior Designer – €43,000
  • Civil Engineer – €56,000
  • Electrical Engineer – €60,000
  • Industrial Engineer – €60,000
  • Dentist – €100,000
  • Surgeon – €141,000
  • Pharmacist – €67,000
  • Psychologist – €67,000
  • Digital Marketing professional – $40,000

So, in case an Ireland work visa is your next aim, we are with you to guide and help you.

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