USCIS launches new website for employee verification

New employees hired by US employers will be verified

USCIS announced the launch of the new website for verifying employment eligibility for those hired to work in USA. The website,, acts as an authoritative source of information on verification of eligibility for employment. This is a new move for US immigration.

The website is user-friendly. It provides information about aspects of USA immigration like E-Verify and Form I-9. The website also gives information about employee rights and responsibilities of the employer in the process of employment verification.

Using, employers can enroll directly and let existing users access their accounts. This will be possible also for those with myE-Verify accounts. is based on the internet and can be used freely and easily. The site is accessible for employers from anywhere, anytime using a web browser.

The confirmation of employees to be authorized for work is done mostly instantaneously or within a day’s time. The system has 800,000 employers enrolled in it. The system matches information from the Form I-9 to records available to DHS and the SSA. Thus, they verify work authorizations in the US.

USCIS encourages all employers in the US to verify new workers hired through E-Verify. The aim is to reduce illegal immigration. Another objective is to preserve jobs for US workers.

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DHS – Department of homeland Security

SSA – Social Security Administration

USCIS – United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

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