Permanent residence in Germany in 2021 – A snapshot

The how and what to expect of German immigration

Are you ready to immigrate to Germany in 2021? If Germany immigration is on your mind, you will benefit from learning about the different aspects and features of immigration to Germany this year.

Getting a German Residence Permit is a definite step that leads to your future in Germany. The first step to moving to Germany is to apply for a German permanent residence.

There are 2 types of residence permits in Germany. They are the temporary residence permit and permanent residence permit. The temporary resident permit is the precursor to obtaining the German Resident Permit. Obtaining the temporary residence permit is necessary for non-EU citizens, while EU nationals can go ahead by simply registering with the department of police in the German city they live in. But in both cases, the applicant must live in Germany for at least 5 years before applying for German PR.

If you are the applicant, then German PR can also be applied for by:

  • Your spouse
  • Your parents
  • Your minor child
  • Your children over the age of 18 who can support themselves

There are conditions to get a German Residence Permit for both EU and non-EU nationals. Apart from having 5 years of having stayed in Germany, they must:

Produce proof of earning sufficient money to meet the expenses of living in Germany

  • Know Germany’s national customs
  • Speak German fluently

If you are applying for German PR, here are some good ways to obtain it.

  • Apply on the basis of a work permit that lets you live and work in Germany before applying for PR
  • Apply on the basis of a residence permit for entrepreneurs with which you, as a foreign citizen can start your own businesses in Germany
  • Apply on the basis of an investment made in a particular domain of interest acknowledged by the government of Germany
  • Apply on the basis of a self-employment visa with which you, as a foreigner, can act as a sole trader in Germany

The documents you will need to submit to apply for a German PR permit include:

  • Proof that you have held a temporary residence permit with which you lived for 5 years in Germany
  • The certificate of registration issued by the local police while entering Germany
  • Proof of legal address in Germany (viz. a recent utility bill or a rental contract)
  • Proof of means of self-sustenance (viz, tax returns, bank statements, payslips)
  • The application form and the criminal record form issued by the authorities in Germany

It’s also necessary to be aware of certain categories of people who cannot apply for Germany’s permanent residence permit. They include:

  • Students in Germany, on Germany study visa
  • Those who have come to Germany for scientific purposes
  • Those who are in Germany for vocational training
  • Asylum seekers undergoing the process of getting recognized as refugees
  • Those who are in Germany for humanitarian reasons and looking for temporary protection

Foreign investors can obtain a residence permit in Germany if they want to open a company in Germany. In certain circumstances, when foreign companies register a representative office or branch office in Germany, the company’s representative may apply for an intra-company transfer residence permit.

Another way is to obtain a start-up residence permit with a minimum investment of €50,000. Those who want to become part of the German workforce can apply for a European Blue Card, for which the applicant will have to submit their graduation certificate from a recognized university.

Also, if you are an entrepreneur, you may move to Germany on a self-employment visa. Another major visa pathway is the Golden Visa program. This is a pathway for those with high net worth seeking to immigrate to Germany along with the possibility of owning German real estate. For this program, you will need:

  • At least €500,000 to be invested in a start-up business
  • €1 million in case the investment is made as a philanthropic donation
  • Investment in real estate as long as the property value is €300,000 to €500,000
  • At least €100,000 annual income is also required

If you are looking for retirement in Germany with a PR, you can apply for an elective visa. This is one of the simplest ways of German immigration. To be eligible, you have to get health insurance worth €38,000.

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