The US will charge extra visa costs on chosen countries

The US levies $15000 on B1 B2 visas

The Trump administration comes into the news yet again with another big decision on US immigration. The US government has decided to impose temporary US visa bonds on visitors from over 20 countries which will lead to a levy of an additional $15,000 asvisa cost.

The new rule is going to be effective on Christmas Eve. It’s meant to run for 6 months then if the new President-elect Joe Biden will maintain it after he takes office in January 2021.

The new rule is targeted at those who arrived in the US on US travel visa types B1 and B2. These visa holders will have to pay a penalty of $15,000 to US ICE if they failed to prove that they left the US before their visas expired.

The 23 countries that are chosen for implementing this new rule have been identified to have a visa overstay rate above 10%.

The US will charge extra visa costs on chosen countries

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