The US abuzz with hope to revive the travel industry

US travel revival

There are few things the US is hanging on to and leveraging on to bring the cheer back into the economy. One is Joe Biden’s win of the Presidential election. The other is the positive news on a vaccine for COVID-19 from Pfizer.

There are expectations pegged on Joe Biden right now that he will bring back the sort of worn glory of the US passport.Biden’s administration is expected to help US immigration immensely.He has declared his intention to help the industries most impacted by the pandemic.The travel industry is a major industry for obvious reasons.

A loss of $443 billion has already been suffered by the US travel industry.

One-third of all job losses that happened in the US happened in the travel industry. USA immigration has taken a big hit too.

The new government in the US will have to face the challenge of finding the right balance between testing and the rules of quarantine. This will be added to the task of vaccine development and distribution.

There is a demand for travel forming vigorously if travel agents and desperate travelers in the US are to be listened to. The reasons for their eagerness to travel again are various. This ranges from the desire to resume leisure trips to meeting with dear ones overseas.

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