The UK ends free movement, bill passed in Parliament

Free movement to end in UK

The year 2020 is eventful for the UK and UK immigration, for reasons apart from COVID-19. The UK will complete its Brexit formalities on December 31, 2020, and become a country free of the EU. Now, Britain has passed a new bill that extends that spirit a little further.

The UK’s Parliament had an Immigration Bill passed on November 9, 2020, that will end free movement. This means that the UK will have the power to decide who enters the country and nobody will be taken for granted (even those from the EU).

The bill has come under criticism as many consider such a migration policy in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis to have economic ramifications. The British government however states that now people can step into the UK based on their skills, rather than on their place of origin.

But criticizers of the bill are expressing concern over its blocking the arrival of key health professionals from the EU in such times of pandemic crisis. Also, many Britons are concerned about the end of their ability to travel freely into EU nations, thanks to the new bill.

The effect of the new bill on UK migration is clear, but it has yet to be seen how it will fare in the time to come.

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