UK govt. plans to strengthen border security with the ETA system

UK govt. plans to launch new ETA system

UK govt. plans to launch new ETA system

The Government of the UK has plans to launch an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). This system would keep track of the number of individuals traveling in and out of the country through registration. The plan is made as part of the efforts to make border controls more stringent and effective.

Priti Patel, Britain’s Home Secretary has confirmed this decision. She has stressed that the new digital system will resemble ESTA, the digital visa system of the USA. It would determine whether an individual should be allowed inside the territory of the UK or not.

If ETA is implemented, it would become the first application in the UK to count how many persons are entering and leaving the country with accuracy.

According to Priti Patel, the system would function for law-abiding people. It will be a check against those who try to abuse the UK’s generosity and hospitality.

The Home Office UK estimates that it will process nearly 30 million applications each year via the new program slated to be launched in the near future.

But criticism exists that this initiative has the intention to step up efforts to deport those who seek international protection back to their home countries in Europe.

But the Home Secretary of the UK stresses that the new idea would ease the process of identification of potential threats for British authorities. This will be possible as the new program will have a tab on the persons reaching the country’s borders. This will boost the confidence of citizens of the UK. They will be confident that the British borders are guarded by the strongest security systems available.

An article published by the Guardian states that the Home Office is planning to make the process of entry to the UK fully digital by 2025.

The application of the new ETA system will be extended to arrivals from the EU member states. This will be apart from people having the right to live in Britain.

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