Canada is the new favorite for US employers to expand business

U.S. employers look to expand to Canada for more access to talent

Most of the US employers have responded to a survey stating that they are either planning to expand to Canada or have already established their businesses in Canada.

 US employers are interested in opening locations in Canada for various reasons. These were revealed in the survey conducted recently by Envoy Global. It’s a service provider for US immigration. They surveyed 500 professionals in human resources and hiring managers across the US. They found that the Canada immigration system is a major factor in this growing desirability that Canada is achieving.

Close to 57% of respondents to the survey said they were either looking for expansion to Canada or have already made it happen. The desire to expand to the Canadian market as well as gain access to the talent there were the primary drivers for the US employers who planned on taking this step.

Close to 31% stated explicitly that they were considering Canada as a primary alternative to the US when it comes to hiring foreign talent.

Also, close to 70% of the respondents to the survey said that they have either already sent more individuals to work in Canada or hired new foreign nationals to work in Canada in the past 2 to 3 years.

Demand for US visas such as the H1B has been on the rise. But the US immigration system has fewer pathways to offer to help international graduates to get employed in comparison to Canada. In Canada, there are over 100 immigration programs in the economic class.

Over half of the respondents said that Canada’s policies for immigration were more favorable than what the US has. The reason for this that US employers gave was that Canada gave much more visas and more pathways to Canada PR.

The lifting of travel restrictions will reveal the extent of the need for employees of US employers to travel abroad for the company’s assignments. In particular, this will be exercised as a means of talent relocation for those who can’t get secure work authorization in the USA.

The survey report concludes on the point that if the US doesn’t reform its immigration policies, it will lose employers and working talent to countries like Canada.

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