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Australia is one of the most popular destinations among immigration aspirants. High quality of life, low unemployment rate, better job opportunities and higher salaries are some of the factors that attract many. 

If you too aspire to work in Australia, here are some tips on how to find a job in Australia: 

  • Do your homework 

Do thorough research on the kind of job openings that are available in Australia. Also research on the roles and skills that are currently in-demand in the country. You will then be able to evaluate whether your skills are in demand or not. It will be worthwhile to pursue your job search in Australia only if you have skills that are in demand. 

  • Explore your visa options 

Before you start hunting for a job, check out the various visa options that are available for you. Australia offers the following visas for skilled workers: 

-Permanent Residence Visa 

-Employer Nomination Visa 

-Temporary Skilled Working Visa 

-Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa 

When looking at a job opening, look at the “right to work” clause. If you have skills that are high in demand and there is a shortage, only then an employer may be willing to sponsor your visa. 

Eligible candidates can also use the Work and Holiday Visa Program to find a permanent job. If you excel at your job, your employer may be convinced to sponsor you for a Work Visa in Australia. 

Eligible candidates can also apply for a Permanent Residence Visa. A Permanent Residence Visa allows you to live and work permanently in Australia. You also have the freedom to work for any employer in any field. With a PR Visa, you have the freedom to go to Australia and look for a job. 

  • Choose where you want to work in Australia 

For those who already have a visa to work in Australia, choosing the right place is very important. You will have better chances of finding a job of your choice if you live in an area where there are many job opportunities in your field. 

  • Do research specific to your field 

Check out the employers in your chosen location that have job openings in your field. Bigger cities have better infrastructure and facilities. Hence, industries tend to establish clusters in such big cities. For example, there are several IT firms, law firms, banks and telecom companies in Sydney. Based on your field of work, choose the area where there are better chances of landing a job. 

  • Follow tried and tested methods 

Once you have narrowed down your location, send out your resume with a cover letter to prospective employers. Do not send out the same resume to every company. Tailor your resume as per the needs of the job opening and the company. 

Do not forget that you would be applying for an international job as an international employee. Highlight your qualifications and experience so that they fit the job requirement. 

Also, remember to mention your visa status or application status in your cover letter, as per SBS News. 

It is highly advisable to include a Skill Assessment report by a relevant authority and your English proficiency scores. 

  • Looking for a job 

You can use various online job sites to look for a job in Australia. Using your Linkedin account to connect with Australian companies is also a good idea. Those who have moved to Australia with no job offer should network with the locals there. Besides your community also network with the people who work in the same industry or profession as you. 

  • Be prepared to take a step back 

Initially, you may not find your desired job in Australia. However, it is advisable that even if you find a job that is below your expectation, you should take it. Australian employers prefer employees with Australian work experience. The work experience that you gain will at least help you get your foot in the door to your desired job. 

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