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Posted on October 29 2021

The highest-paid professions in the UAE to work overseas in 2022

By  Editor
Updated May 25 2023

Does the UAE sound like an unpopular choice for building an overseas career? Wait till you get the real idea about the possibilities the country has for those who are willing to work overseas to prosper in their career.

The UAE is a major investment destination today and invites wannabes with golden chances like the Golden Visa to live, work, and run businesses in the country. Major industries that are booming in the UAE include:

  • E-Commerce solutions
  • Tourism and travel
  • Construction and allied industries
  • Healthcare and hospitality
  • Real estate

There are great opportunities for those who are qualified and skilled in STEM-based industries. So, let’s explore the highest-paid professions in the UAE you can aspire to land a job in UAE in 2022.


As important as their services are in the healthcare industry, they are deservingly paid probably the highest salary in the UAE. They are paid between 40,800 AED and 128,000 AED per month.

College Professors

These educators are treated as valuable resources in the education system of the country. They are paid between 19,100 AED and 61,100 AED per month.


Commercial pilots are in demand in the UAE. Those who are qualified and experienced in the profession can find themselves highly paid in the UAE. They are paid between 15,800 AED and 50,800 AED per month.


There’s high demand for orthodontists in the UAE as people who are health and beauty conscious will approach them for necessary dental procedures. They are paid between 21,600 AED and 68,800 AED per month.

Marketing Experts

Marketing experts are skilled, experienced, and well-qualified professionals who play a highly important role in building a brand and making strategies ensuring the best sales performance for a product or service. They are paid between 80,600 AED and 100,800 AED per month.

Accounting & Finance Professionals

These are professionals who work on and manage the entire financial matters of a company. This team includes professionals from Accountants to CFOs. These professionals have to be equipped with updated financial knowledge and must be capable to gain insight into the company’s affairs through key financial data. Their decisions have a huge impact on the company’s affairs.

They are paid between 55,000 AED and 90,000 AED per month.

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