How tech solution makes virtual ceremonies work in Australia

Online citizenship ceremony

The COVID-19 crisis has affected social interaction and communication of every type globally. Preventive measures like social distancing and isolation have changed the dynamics of world affairs drastically. With closed borders and travel restricted across them, real human interaction has been literally suspended. But thanks to technology, these difficulties have been eased and activities facilitated to a certain extent.

Globally, the travel industry has been hit the worst by COVID-19. But technology has allowed people to keep in touch through methods like phone calls and video calls. These are nevertheless not close to real travel activity.

In the case of immigration, moving to another country in person is very necessary. This is also true about participating in overseas events that are of importance. The world nations are trying to use technology to solve the issue of lacking reach in innovative ways.

In Australia, there has been a recent development as it announced conducting online citizenship ceremonies. This way, the country ensures that the eligible people who are willing to be Australian citizens are not kept waiting due to the pandemic crisis.

With this move, Australia has proven the power of technology in solving immigration issues. In fact, thousands of people had requested the government to grant citizenship sooner to approved candidates.

The Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs, Alan Tudge shared his observation in this regard. As he pointed out, the online citizenship ceremony is a good solution in the circumstance where traditional in-person events cannot be held. The event will be conducted through a secure video link. This will help eligible people to become citizens of the country.

The Australian government will work with those in urgent need. Upon full implementation of this facility, 750 people per day could be granted citizenship. With 85,000 people waiting for the citizenship ceremony, the online method will prove to be very efficient.

The new method has been largely welcomed by the applicants. Also, this decision came when Australia had decided to let temporary visa workers still in their jobs to keep their visas.

Such steps using the help of technology could mark the beginning of a new trend. It could lead to viable tech solutions in immigration in the long run. Immigrants could get services faster and more conveniently.

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