What it takes to be an Australian citizen in 2021

Learn the process and procedure to become a citizen

So, here we are to look at the most interesting topic for those who would love to move to Australia, settle there, and call it home. Australia immigration PR leading to citizenship is a favorite voyage so many capable, knowledgeable, and aspiring professionals and skilled workers take.

If immigration visa Australia is a big step to embracing the nation as a foreigner, getting Australian citizenship is the final destination that makes you one with Australia, granting you all the freedoms, rights, and responsibilities the nation has envisaged.

The path to citizenship for a foreigner like you must be filled with a good deal of experience you had, being an Australian PR. You will have tremendous appreciation for the democratic and liberated society Australia features. Upon becoming a citizen, you can become an Australian, free to lead a life and work in Australia. Before becoming an Australian citizen, you must learn and commit to the values the country and its people uphold.

Now, there are prescribed ways to become an Australian citizen. In any case, you must file a completed application form and pay DOHA the fees applicable for the process.

DOHA then contacts you upon receiving your application. After that, if your application is approved, you will receive an invitation to take part in an Australian citizenship ceremony. At the ceremony, you take the Australian Citizenship Pledge. There you go! You are an Australian citizen!

Excuse making it sound so simple. But the effort to get citizenship is undoubtedly worth it.

To your knowledge and consideration, here are 3 ways to become an Australian citizen:

  • Be born in Australia with at least one of your parents being an Australian citizen or PR
  • Be born outside Australia as a child of an Australian citizen
  • Be a non-citizen of Australia and apply to become an Australian citizen

To be an Australian citizen, you must be:

  • An Australian PR
  • Over 16 years of age
  • A resident of Australia for at least 4 years that includes 12 months as an Australian PR
  • Of good character
  • Have enough knowledge of your privileges and responsibilities as an Australian citizen

If “privileges” sounds interesting, here’s a list of them that are available to Australian citizens:

  • You can vote in elections held at federal and state/territory levels and in a referendum
  • You can apply for a job in the Australian Defence Force or in the Australian Public Service
  • You can be a candidate to get elected to parliament
  • You can apply for an Australian passport and get free re-entry to Australia
  • You can get assistance from an Australian official while you are traveling overseas
  • You can register your children born outside Australia as citizens by descent

A vital and compulsory element in the process of gaining citizenship is to pass a citizenship test. The test will evaluate you for your knowledge and understanding of Australian history, values, and society. Other things tested in the citizenship test include the applicant’s English language skills, knowledge of the responsibilities and privileges of an Australian citizen.

If you already are an Australian PR, you can already look ahead to become a citizen if you are eligible in all ways. If you are an aspirant, don’t take any more time to become an Australian PR first.

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PR – Permanent Residence

DOHA – Department of Home Affairs

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