State Sponsorship for QLD, Australia to open by July end

State Sponsorship for QLD, Australia to open by July end

The State Sponsorship for Queensland is currently closed, but it is expected to open by July end. Both the Skilled and Business programs for state sponsorship are closed right now. 

The BSMQ (Business and Skilled Migration Queensland) has said it is working with various stakeholders in finalizing the programs for 2019-2020. As per the official website, applicants have been asked to not contact BSMQ in the meanwhile. It will make a formal announcement whenever it starts accepting nomination applications. 

Till the time BSMQ starts accepting applications, skilled and business applicants would not be able to submit their state sponsorship applications. Applications submitted before the BSMQ opens would not be considered. Before submitting an EOI, skilled applicants would need to make sure that their occupation is available on the new QSOL. This is applicable for both the Subclass 190 as well as Subclass 489 Visa applicants, as per the SMH. 

The BSMQ firmly believes in giving skilled migrants an opportunity to join the community and contribute to the state’s growing economy. The BSMQ nominates candidates whose occupation is in demand in Queensland. This allows both PR and provisional Visa holders to live and work in Queensland. 

Australia has launched the State Immigration Plans which allows states to sponsor skilled migration candidates. The states can nominate candidates under a wide range of occupations to address the local skill shortages. The State Immigration Plans specify the number of visas and the occupations under which State and Territory Governments can nominate applicants. 

The Business and Skilled Migration Queensland is the nominating agency for Queensland. In collaboration with the Dept. of Home Affairs, the BSMQ nominates skilled and business applicants who want to settle in the state. 

Applicants who are successful in obtaining a Queensland state sponsorship: 

  1. Have their Australia Visas processed on priority by the Dept. of Home Affairs 
  1. Get an extra 5 points for their Subclass 190 visa on the GSM points-test 
  1. Get an extra 10 points for their Subclass 489 Visa on the GSM points test 
  1. Get the right to work for any employer in Australia without being bound to any one employer 

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