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Posted on June 06 2022

Spain to grant more work visas to combat labour shortages

By Editor
Updated May 25 2023


  • High labor shortages have been observed in tourism, agriculture, construction, and technology industries.
  • Government proposes to fill the shortages with 50,000 non-EU students by integrating studies with work.
  • Government aims to provide temporary visas for students and work permits for at least two years.

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Jose Luis Escriva, in his words...

Jose Luis Escriva, the Social security and migration minister, "Spain plans to relax work permit rules for foreigners to fill in the labor shortages in Spain's labor market for the tourism and construction industries. The government also had a proposal to grant more temporary visas that need workers."

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High in-demand job vacancies

The high in-demand jobs in Spain include

  • Telemarketers
  • Delivery vehicle drivers
  • Sales representatives
  • Software developers
  • Tourism

 Main Features

  • Spain's tourism industry is experiencing a strong recovery in finding the workers for the companies, even the Hoteliers.
  • During May, despite having strong demand for workers, many businesses could not find workers, which resulted in high inflation. The fears were hovering about recovering from the pandemic losses due to huge staff shortages.
  • Spain's economy has seen huge losses, which is almost an 11% shrink in 2020.
  • Due to the pandemic and unemployment having high standards, there was a 13.65% increase in the formal economy and an increase in more workers.
  • Formal employment has reached a record high.
  • Spain already has many migration programs with some countries like Morocco, Ecuador, and Colombia.
  • Spain plans to extend temporary work visas to many Central American countries. Also have started a new pilot migration program with Honduras recently.

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