Shareable IELTS score cards to be made available online

IELTS Online scorecards

In the process of migration overseas, there are many important steps. Proving language skills is one. In English speaking countries, standard language skill assessment tests are taken to generate scores that are evaluated for immigration purposes.

Enrolling into a training program to develop language skills to taking the test and declaring the scores from a complete process. In the immigration process, this is an essential step. World over, workers, students and immigrants all attempt the respective language tests to fulfill their dream of abroad immigration.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a global language testing system for migrants. The test is essential to judge the proficiency of non-natives in the English language. These people may be willing to study or work in a foreign country that predominantly uses English for communication.

Be it the educational institution or the employer who is inviting a candidate, he/she needs a certain level of proficiency in English. This will enable the candidate to effectively live, interact, study and work in a foreign country. The level of English language expected of the candidate differs from the purpose of immigration and those involved.

The coaching, testing and orientation related to IELTS is a smooth process in normal circumstances. But ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has spread in the world, there has been restrictions everywhere. This has also affected migration services like IELTS testing.

But lately, IELTS has taken the aid of online technology to facilitate the process for those who are awaiting their results. Surely there is a delay in the release of results in the usual way. In the usual way, the scorecards are dispatched to the candidate by post. But as postal dissemination is not a possibility during the pandemic crisis, an alternative has been found.

The results will be now be uploaded and scores made viewable to the candidates on the online registration portal. There, the candidate can review his/her result and even share it as and when required. All that the candidate will need is a TRF (Test Report Form) number.

The result summary with the TRF number will be emailed to each candidate. He/she can pass it on to a recognizing organization if they need to review the result. In case the candidate needs to share it with another organization, an email request to the British Council will suffice. The founding body of IELTS will directly send a message to the concerned organization.

The British Council has assured that no sooner the operations get back to normal, the TRF will be sent to the candidate in the usual manner.

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