An eye-opener on the jobs impacted in the US by COVID-19

Losing jobs due to COVID 19

COVID-19 has left a deep impact on almost all countries in the world. Besides the threat to life it’s posing, people are finding their livelihoods at stake. Migration overseas has stalled and immigrant populations around the world are also facing some serious challenges.

A large population of temporary workers in skilled and semi-skilled occupations is stuck in different countries of the world. Abroad migration has been their hope and way to get a better life. Now, as people are indulging in activities like social distancing and isolation, these people find themselves at a lack of jobs.

Many sectors of employment are facing challenges in even the most developed countries in the world. For example, foreign workers in the US have been concerned about the present and future of their employment. Around 24% of maids/housekeepers in the country are non-citizens. So is 8% of physicians in the US. Non-citizens make up 6.8% of the workforce throughout America.

Job loss has been rampant in the US after the COVID-19 virus infected the country. While most of the industries saw a decline, some showed more remarkable development. Those industries even stepped up the employment of foreign workers in the country! Here are 6 such industries. They have hired additional immigrant foreign workers since March 2020.

Industries that hired more immigrants during COVID-19 spread

Industry Non-citizen workers % Change in jobs since COVID-19outbreak
Management of companies and enterprises 6% 3,000 jobs
Finance and insurance 5% 3,000 jobs
Professional and technical services 7% 7,000 jobs
Utilities 2% 800 jobs
Information 4% 2,000 jobs
Wholesale trade 6% 900 jobs
Total jobs added:  16,700

Getting a Job with a US Visa during COVID-19 outbreak

You can even now apply for a US visa. Immigration lawyers are still working, willing to help you with your US work visa applications. The USCIS is open and processing applications for all visas.

A US Immigration Professional will be able to help you apply for the US work visa. A USA work permit allows you to apply to jobs within the United States, where opportunities are always high for deserving candidates. Statistics reveal that there are industries that are going on with hiring immigrant foreign workers these very days.

The loss of jobs is also something to be noted in this context. Many who have had work in the USA are now facing a challenge that will take time to win over.

Jobs loss of immigrants during COVID-19 outbreak

Industry Percent of Non-Citizen Workers Change in Employment since Corona virus outbreak
Health care and social assistance 5% -61,000 jobs
Retail trade 5% -46,000 jobs
Accommodation and food services 7% -446,000 jobs
Construction 6% -29,000 jobs
Other services 8% -24,000 jobs
Administrative and waste services 9% -61,000 jobs
Manufacturing 7% -18,000 jobs
Educational services 5% -15,000 jobs
Transportation and warehousing 5% -5,000 jobs
Mining 3% -6,000 jobs
Real estate and rental and leasing 4% -3,000 jobs
Total jobs lost: 727,000

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and immigration,3/4th of non-citizen immigrants lost their jobs in March 2020 due to COVID-19. This was found out from the employment figures from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

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