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Posted on July 18 2023

Sean Fraser announced 'new measures to improve Canada family class immigration'

By  Editor
Updated November 16 2023

Highlights: Sean Fraser introduced 'fresh initiatives to enhance family class immigration in Canada'

  • The Canadian government has announced improvements to strengthen Canada family-class immigration.
  • The new measures include faster processing for visas for spouses and a new work permit for spouses and family class applicants.
  • The government cleared the TRV application backlog, with over 98% of spousal TRV applications now being approved.
  • Open work permits will now be available to spousal applicants and their dependent children residing in Canada.
  • Open work permits will be extended for 18 months for 25,000 individuals in Canada.

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Canada Announces Improvements to Strengthen Family Class Immigration

Sean Fraser unveiled today a series of measures aimed at enhancing Canada family-class immigration. The enhancements include quick processing for applicants in the spousal category, a new open work permit introduced for applicants in the family and spousal class categories, and a permit add-on for open work permit holders whose permit is expiring between 1/8/23 – 31/12/23.

Clearing the TRV Application backlog for families

Minister Fraser acknowledged the high refusal rate of Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs) for families from visa-required countries, despite their overwhelming approval for PR.

He highlighted the successful elimination of the TRV application backlog members of the family with pending permanent residency applications, resulting in over 98% approval for spousal Temporary Resident Visa applications.

Improved Processing and Travel Opportunities

Fraser emphasized that the new processing approach would reduce waiting times to 30 days, enabling family members to join their loved ones in Canada quickly while waiting for permanent residency processing.

Expanded Open Work Permit for Spouses

To further support spousal and family class applicants, IRCC will introduce a new move granting open work permits to candidates and their dependents residing with sponsors in Canada. This extension expands the previous eligibility of spousal program (inland) applicants to include those applying from outside Canada.

Permit Extensions for Open Work Permit Holders

Starting from 7th June, the open work permit holders with expiration dates between 1st August and 31st December can conveniently extend their permits for an extra 18 months. This streamlined process will benefit approximately 25,000 individuals in Canada, including dependents and spouses of temporary workers, their families, and spouses of international students awaiting permanent residency approval.

Significance of Family Class Immigration

Family class immigration holds the 2nd largest category in Canada's Immigration Levels Plan. This year, Canada aims to welcome 106,500 applicants through family class immigration, including 78,000 spouses, children, and partners, 28,500 parents, and grandparents. By 2025, the government targets welcoming 118,000 applicants through immigration (family class).

Eligibility and Sponsorship

Permanent residents and Canadian citizens can sponsor eligible individuals to join them in Canada as permanent residents. Sponsors must:-

  • Be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen aged 18 or older
  • Be without criminal charges, removal orders, or bankruptcies
  • Must not have been sponsored as a spouse in the last 5 years.

Eligible individuals for sponsorship include spouses, partners, children, parents, and grandparents, based on meeting the required criteria.

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