Requirement of more migrant workers in New Zealand

New Zealand industries struggle due manpower shortages (1)


  • The gaming sector of New Zealand addressed the lack of labor by hiring immigrants.
  • The sector of aged care is facing a shortage of healthcare professionals.
  • Wages in New Zealand are 3.4 percent higher than the last year.

Abstract: New Zealand’s agricultural and nursing sectors require more international workers.

During the pandemic, New Zealand closed its borders. The immigration was suspended due to this reason. The sectors of healthcare and agriculture rely heavily on immigrant workers. The suspension of immigration affected these sectors.

New zealand plans on inviting more migrant workers to address the issue. It plans to make changes in the immigration process so that it gets more convenient for the foreign workers.

Earlier the sector of developing video games in New Zealand had resolved its labor shortage by hiring immigrants from Latin America.

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Changes in Healthcare Sector

The sector of aged care has 78 percent of the 5000 posts for nurses filled up. Due to this reason, the aged care facilities are left unused.

The authorities of New Zealand are looking to increase the income of the nurses. It has been suggested that the aged-care nurses be paid as much as the public nurses.

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The healthcare sector is a stable field where there would be always a demand for professionals.

The unemployment rate in New Zealand was 3.3 percent in the 2nd quarter of 2022. The income had increased by 3.4 percent.

In 2021, the government of New Zealand announced that it would simplify the immigration process. It would help the country transition to a higher-wage and higher-skill economy.

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