The Public Charge Rule is back in the US amidst flak

US reinstates Public Charge Rule
The US immigration public charge rule is back!

On November 3, 2020, the Trump administration relaunched the US immigration public charge rule. This rule was reintroduced amidst a legal battle going on over the policy which was criticized to prevent certain legal immigrants in the country from applying for Green Cards.

The Public Charge Rule

Under the Rule, immigrants to the US categorized as likely or liable to become a “Public Charge”, using government aids as they are financially unfit people, may be denied visas or entry into the country owing to their disabilities or poor economic resources.

A Chicago district judge had blocked the public charge rule as a result of which the USCIS had stopped applying the rule to US Green Card applications that were pending.

But following an appeal against the decision by federal government lawyers, a hold was put on the ruling leading to the reinstatement of the Rule.

The advocates for immigrants in the US argue that the Public Charge Rule will result in poorer outcomes on the health front among low-income legal migrants along with rising costs adding woes among them.


Joe Biden has made a promise to scrap the USA immigration Public Charge Rule once he becomes the US President!

So, until that happens, for at least 2 weeks, the Rule will remain in effect.

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