Joe Biden’s new plans for a better US immigration

Joe Biden US immigration policies

The US President-elect Joe Biden is bringing a fresh breeze into the US immigration landscape.

Joe’s plans!

Joe Biden

  • Increase the number of high-skilled visas (viz. H-1B)
  • Remove the limit on employment-based visas (Green Cards) by country
  • Revert cancellation of work permits to spouses of H-1B visa-holders

Joe Biden will be rolling out a comprehensive immigration reform as is evident from the plans he has shared with the world to work on after becoming the US President. He is of the view that an immigration system that keeps out high-skilled foreign workers to favor only entry-level skills and wages is a threat to American innovation, not to mention competitiveness.

For temporary visas, a mechanism will be put in place to ensure that the established wage-allocation process is aligned with the labor market. It will also be ensured that the process won’t be used to undermine wages.

Moreover, the decision to remove the cap on employment-based visas by country will eliminate the creation of unwanted backlogs. The current cap on such visas is 140,000 per annum.

Joe Biden's new plans for a better US immigration

Biden will also lift the cap on recent graduates who study in USA doing Ph.D. programs in STEM fields. He recognizes that those are the ones who will make the most important contributions to the world economy in the future.

Joe Biden's new plans for a better US immigration

The Biden administration has plans to create a new visa category. It will allow cities and counties to lodge petitions for additional immigrant visas to help and support the economic growth of the region.

Biden also believes in keeping families together and allowing eligible immigrants to meet their relatives in the US. Any approved applicant will be allowed to get a temporary visa (non-immigrant) until the PR is processed.

He will support the legislation that considers spouses and children of holders of Green Card as immediate relatives. They will be exempted from caps, allowing parents to bring their minor children during their immigration.

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