Professions in South Africa to earn big bucks from in 2021

Top 10 Highest Paid Professions 2021 - South Africa

Top 10 Highest Paid Professions 2021 - South Africa

Are you planning to work overseas in South Africa in 2021? Then you must be interested in knowing about the jobs that are paid the highest in South Africa.

It’s a good idea to migrate on a South Africa work visa. The country has opportunities for you to get into well-paid skilled jobs for which foreigners are welcomed. So, without keeping you waiting, let’s explore the highest paid jobs in South Africa in 2021. We will see how much the

Software Engineer

Software Engineers make R1.2 million ($81,377.55) per year on average. Software Engineers are finding more opportunities in the country owing to the exponential growth in IT. In fact, Software Engineers are the highest paid professionals in South Africa.


Pilots make R700,000 ($47,469.23) per year on average. It takes many years of training to become a pilot in the country. Besides, you will need to earn the required licenses and certifications to be ready to be recruited as a qualified pilot.


Lawyers earn R660,000 ($44,687.76) per year on average. Lawyers are treated as custodians of the country’s law and they are referred to as “learned colleagues” in South Africa.

IT Manager

IT Managers make R650,000 ($44,057.09) per year on average. As the world is going more digital, the importance of IT managers has increased a lot. The tech-based roles of IT managers are gaining growing significance by the day even in South Africa.

Medical Specialist

Medical Specialists make R630,000 ($42,697.65) per year on average. However, the earnings depend on your specialization. In South Africa, it takes at least 9 years to train as a general practitioner. Specialists are required to undergo advanced education along with clinical training.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineers make R600,000 ($40,657.26) per year on average. These professionals mostly work at the oil refinery, engaged in oil exploration and exploitation.

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers make R580,000 ($39,308.14) per year on average. The Air Traffic Controller is tasked with ensuring that an airplane flies at safe distances from each other and is on the right designated path assigned to it.

Management Consultant

A Management Consultant makes R550,000 ($37,381.11) per year on average. These professionals play a vital role in ensuring the top performance of businesses and organizations and their improvement in different dimensions.

Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants make R435,000 ($29,541.82) per year on average. These professionals give important financial advice, ensure accuracy of accounts, audit accounts, and give trustworthy information about financial records to corporate establishments.


An actuary makes R400,000 ($27,166.77) per year on average. Besides managing financial matters, these professionals can examine and assess the potential of an event that’s uncertain viz. hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. They assess the impact of the losses incurred by the organization as a result of these disasters.

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