Processing times of Australian visas in 2021

Learn more about visa processing times in Australia

A concern each visa seeker shares is the processing time it takes for the visa application. It’s a fact that global visa processing times could vary from time to time. In many cases, it could vary monthly.

If you are looking for migration overseas to Australia, you should expect changes in approximate timeframes for visa processes based on changes in:

  • Seasonal peaks of visa applications
  • Volume of applications
  • Number of incomplete applications
  • Method of submitting an application: paper or online
  • The complexity of each case of application

Let’s see in detail the aspects that affect the time taken for visa processing.

  • If an applicant has filed a complete application and has included all supporting documents required
  • The promptness showed by the applicant to respond to any request to furnish additional information
  • The time that’s taken to perform checks required on the supporting information given by the applicant
  • The time that’s taken to get additional information from external agencies, especially those related to character, health, and national security
  • The number of places available for PR visa applications in the migration program

The processing times for visas under different visa subclasses in Australia immigration are different. You must check it from time to time to stay updated.

All visas including parent and family visas are capped and queued. Those who are queued may have to wait for many years to get selected.

Also, due to COVID-19, the processing times may stretch longer.

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