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Posted on November 13 2021

Positives of Australia immigration – ACCC and scam prevention

By  Editor
Updated November 14 2023

Every individual or business needs to understand and guard themselves against frauds and scams. If you are in Australia by way of Australia immigration or on an Australia work/entrepreneur visa, the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) can be a good companion to protect you from fraud.

The ACCC has taken up the task of making you aware, urging every individual to start a conversation about frauds and scams. This will help so many to identify imminent pitfalls and avoid them, especially when it becomes necessary in the context of migration overseas.

The ACCC has observed days from November 8 to 12 as Scams Awareness Week.

The truth about scams in Australia

Every year scams lead to Australians losing millions of dollars. It even causes harm beyond financial ones. Various types of scams are prevalent today including the following:

The COVID-19 scams

There’s a lot that scammers can do to cheat you and steal your money and exploit your trust. They could convince you about circumventing or duping COVID-related documentation requirements or even deal in fraudulent vaccine transactions. All these can have you lose money, get detained by law enforcement for fraud, and even put your health at risk with fraudulent COVID solutions.

Stealing personal information

Scammers can entice you into providing them with your personal information that they could use to impersonate you for nefarious activities like blackmailing or defrauding others in your name. They could use information like credit card details to steal your money or deal with illegal money via your financial identities.

Commerce fraud

Fraudsters and scammers can sell you illegitimate and sham products and services for which you pay real hard-earned money. It’s hence necessary to be aware of where you buy from and how you can trust one in the role of a seller.

Dating fraud

A true heartbreak trail, so many people who trust relations built online on dating sites. These fraudulent people pose as your perfect love interest and play with your emotions to do anything from enjoying monetary favors from you to leading you into perilous situations like human trafficking and terrorism.

Fake charities

This one is not hard to find and understand. There are dozen a dime charity requests that can come your way, many of which won’t be real! Such impersonators steal away the money you donate, compelling you emotionally, citing the most recent calamities or disasters.

Investment fraud

Are you approached with get-rich-quick schemes or investment plans that promise you unbelievable returns in a short time? Keep your greed in check or else the scammers can in fact take away all your hard-earned money and savings.

Job scams

It’s not uncommon that people fall prey to promises by unreputed, unregistered, shady agents who charge you money for guaranteed jobs abroad. There’s a need to educate ourselves to steer clear of sources of employment that aren’t trustable to a prudent person.

How does ACCC help?

The ACCC has a Scamwatch website that empowers by helping you learn ways to identify, report, and guard yourself against scams. The website contains valuable information like:

  • Victim’s stories
  • The most common types of scams
  • Email alerts
  • The golden rules to follow to stay safe from scams
  • Information on where to report scams

Such information can protect consumers of products and services and businesses from falling prey to fraudsters.

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