How not to miss your PR opportunity in Australia

Tips to avoid PR rejection in Australia

The dream to immigrate to Australia is achievable if you follow the procedure properly to apply for an immigration visa Australia offers. But without professional guidance in immigration, the chances of getting your visa application rejected is quite high.

The reasons for rejection of an Australian PR visa are more than a couple. While some may be deliberate actions, quite a few scenarios play out innocently too. That’s why being aware of the procedure, the requirements of the process, and the rules that need to be followed have to be learned and practiced.

Here are some scenarios the department of immigration Australia would want you to avoid so that you don’t feel the burn of getting your Australian PR rejected.

  • Don’t violate visa conditions. You may be a student who has worked for too many hours in Australia than you are supposed to, or you may be a student without sufficient academic grades, or you may even have violated the visa terms that do not allow you to hold a Subclass 457/482 and work a second job. In all these and more similar circumstances of visa term violations, your PR will be rejected.
  • Don’t furnish wrong or inconsistent information. So, if you gave a bogus bank detail or claim false relations to meet the requirements of a spouse visa, you ruin your chance of getting Australian PR.
  • Don’t fail to meet health requirements. Minimum health standards have to be kept in order for Australia to issue you a PR visa. This is because Australia wants you to keep its expenditures on allowances, pensions, and social security benefits very low. Even your family members may need to meet minimum health requirements.
  • Don’t fail in your character assessment. It matters to have integrity and honesty to start with when it comes to the character requirements for Australian PR applicants. So, if you were imprisoned for 12 months, you lose your chance to win PR on grounds of character. The same applies if there has been an allegation or arrest for domestic violence/drugs/offense against a minor, you stand a good chance to earn rejection of Australian PR.
  • Don’t fall short of funds to live in Australia. Australia asks for details of your finances like bank statements, to ensure that you have sufficient funds to live in the country. Fail in that, and you will lose your chance at Australian PR.
  • Don’t apply for the wrong visa. Be sure that you are applying for the right type of visa and be knowledgeable about the eligibility, immigration rules, and visa requirements to avoid rejection of PR.
  • Don’t miss out on meeting visa requirements. This could mean you got to have the required English language test scores or anything similar that amounts to a minimum necessity to consider you fit for the PR visa.

Now, in case your PR visa request has been rejected, you can appeal to the AAT within a prescribed time. AAT holds the power to change decisions for you if it sees the need to.

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AAT – Administrative Appeals Tribunal

PR – Permanent Residency

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