Partner visa applicants will need English skills to be eligible

Partner visa to need basic English

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has decided to make basic English language proficiency a requirement for applying for partner visas. The aim of the decision regarding Australia immigration requirements is to ensure that the partners coming from abroad are able to independently access local help, medical services, and government services without language issues.

As English is a vital tool for social cohesion and economic inclusion in Australia, this move makes a lot of sense which will benefit those arriving in Australia on a partner visa.

Moreover, basic English competence will help such partners who apply for a visa to come to Australia to avoid becoming a victim of abuse at home and the workplace while residing in the country. Their ability to effectively communicate in English will make a big difference in the experience they will have while in Australia.

The vulnerability of migrants without English skills could lead them to many instances of exploitation, which could push Australia’s reputation as a world-class destination in the wrong direction. Morrison has come hardly on such a possibility and hence has made this new decision.

He has stated that the English competency expected from a partner visa holder will be basic. It will also be different from the English proficiency levels required for economic migrants in Australia.

Major changes to the partner visa were declared in the federal budget. These are as follows:

  • Family Stream places have risen from 47,732 to 77,300 places on a one-off basis for the Migration Program year 2020-21.
  • 72,300 Family Stream visas of the overall 77,300 have been set aside to Partner visas.
  • Prioritization of onshore applicants will be done.
  • Prioritization will also be done for Partner visa applicants with a relevant sponsor residing in a designated regional area.
  • Character checks and sharing of personal information of partner visa sponsors will be made mandatory.
  • Sponsorship obligations could be enforced on sponsors.

These changes are to complement family violence provisions in existence within the Partner visa program.

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