A zip line to Australian PR – Why GTI is a success

GTI - The fastest Australian PR route

Does the phrase “the fastest” intrigue you already? We know that exactly and hence are here to tell you about the GTI (Global Talent Independent) scheme. This scheme was launched in the last financial year. The scheme provided a high-priority pathway for highly skilled technologists to skip the normal queue and get a PR in Australia. This route has been functional and instrumental in bringing the best of skilled foreigners to settle and work in Australia even in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

GTI has helped Australia to combat the stiff competition in getting skilled candidates in technology from countries like the UK, the USA, and Canada. The scheme attracts highly skilled migrants in any of the following sectors considered future-focused:

  • Data science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy and mining technology
  • Fin-tech
  • Space
  • Med-tech
  • Agri-tech

There are a few reasons why GTI is called the fastest route for foreign tech workers to get Australian PR. Let’s list them:

  • There are no age criteria set for eligibility and hence any age group has a chance
  • There’s no formal assessment of skills and only the immigration officer does in the course of the entire process
  • The applicant needn’t take an English language test
  • A decision on the application will be made usually in 2 weeks’ time

To be eligible to apply under this scheme, the applicants must demonstrate that he/she is capable to earn an income of or above $153,600 annually. They must also have their application supported by a nominator with a national reputation in the same field of work.

GTI is credited for its flexibility as its criteria for candidates are mostly just administrative and not regulatory. Since its beginning, the scheme has delivered 4,109 visas within 7 months. This was just 891 visas short of the objective of Australia’s government to attract talent from all over the world.

A notable characteristic of the GTI program is the high threshold set by the Australian government for the stream. Firstly, the program selects only candidates in a select few future-focused jobs for the visa. Secondly, the income threshold stipulated for eligibility is pretty high for many to achieve.

Now, the GTI program is contemplating certain changes for the best. The program will be the center of talent acquisition in a world that’s highly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ceiling for the program will most possibly be increased from its present limit of 5000 in 2021. The level of allocations towards GTI applications is also expected to be set higher in the near future.

GTI has the potential to be a major facilitator to the sourcing of foreign talent in the scope of immigration Australia is improving by the day.

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