Nuances of immigration and cultural identity explored at the exhibition of Chinese artists

Nuances of immigration and cultural identity explored at the exhibition of Chinese artists

An exhibition of paintings by Chinese artists being held at Griffith aims to discover the diverse aspects of immigration and cultural identity and sense of being part of the Australian society. The four artists are ladies from China residing in Australia. The exhibition is beautiful having several aesthetic and numerous highlights with ample scope for deliberation of the inclinations of the theme, quotes Canberra Times.

The Reconcile series has eight works by Janelle Low. The four of these represent the views of the artist -body incomplete and faceless. The feeling of artist’s incoherence with one’s own self and the viewers is pointed out by the incompleteness. The symbol of Chinese ethnicity is the represented by the depiction of the self as several parts rather than a single entity that is attempting to come to terms with the cultural and social ambiance in the new land, Australia.

This theme of broken realism is present all throughout the artworks in the four paintings. Each of these paintings deliberates on two predominant elements the combination of West and the East. The juxtaposing is effective, appealing and insightful with the combination of stark contrasts. Banksias flowers and Soy sauce, gum and tofu, Oysters and condensed milk all contrasting and diverse. The coexistence and contrasts are quite clear.

The image of the sea is a concise memento and expressive representation of the patterns of immigration to Australia that have made crucial contributions to the multicultural population of Australia.

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