Now USA will issue more work visas for seasonal workers


The Biden administration has increased the number of available US visas for seasonal workers to work in USA by 22,000. The increased number of visas will add to the 66,000 H2B visas that are already available to seasonal workers. These workers include country fair staff, resort workers, fishers, and landscapers.

After the ban on such visas by Trump has been lifted by the Biden administration, there’s a surge in the issue of such guest-worker visas. The lifting of bans on visas is also applicable to other types of temporary US work visas. This has been done amid the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The additional 6,000 visas are to be reserved for applicants from El-Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, willing to work with US.

The seasonal worker program is known officially as the H2B program. The program gives up to 66,000 foreign nationals the opportunity to enter into seasonal work in the USA. In the allocation of such work visa USA equally divides between the summer and winter seasons.

As per the strict guidelines of the H2B visa program, employers are obliged to pay foreign workers as much as their American counterparts. The program also requires that employers continue recruiting US workers even if foreign workers have been employed with them.

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