Norway to reopen borders to EEA, Schengen nations on July 15

Norway reopen borders

Norway has made its decisions on reopening its borders to EEA and Schengen countries. The latest word from the country is that it intends to reopen its borders to EEA and Schengen countries from July 15, 2020.

The European Commission had suggested reopening borders on June 15, 2020. But Norway delayed it by a month. This was because it wanted to be sure that the nations they let travelers from are safe enough in the present scenario with the risk of spreading the COVID pandemic.

The criteria Norway uses to measure the safety of countries they open up to are:

  • Trace systems and information for people traveling
  • The number of tests done
  • The ratio of positive tests with the overall number of tests
  • The number of people admitted to intensive care recently
  • The proportion of new COVID-19 cases with the size of the population

Any person with a Norway visit visa from the countries Norway finds safe will be exempt from measures like quarantine. But once those countries show any sign of a resurgence of infections, the restrictive measures will be reinstated for them.

After July 15, 2020, Norwegians will no more be barred from traveling to the Schengen area and EU countries as with a visitor visa. Nevertheless, the country presses on the point that such removal of advice for travel does not mean an encouragement to travel.

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