New US policy allows travelers from UK, Schengen and Ireland

US opens for UK

It comes as a surprise that the US has decided to reopen its borders to allow certain students, academics, investors, treaty traders, and business travelers from the UK, Ireland, and countries in the Schengen Area. This is an interesting direction to move in for the US immigration sector.

The US Department of State has confirmed that though there’s a general ban on the nationals of these countries to enter the US, in the better interest of the US economy it has allowed the particular category of travelers under the National Interest Exceptions. Their entry is permitted on a temporary basis.

With an M-1 and F-1 visa, students coming to study in USA from the UK, Schengen and Ireland won’t need a national interest exception to enter the country. But those students who are traveling on a J-1 visa may get in touch with the nearest consulate or embassy to put in an exception request.

The US is banking on such measures to help itself revive from the impact of COVID-19. The new measure could also improve the nation’s Transatlantic relations.

Students with M-1 or F-1 visas and their dependents are required to meet conditions including:

  • The student must self-quarantine as per local requirements
  • The student must pay the SEVIS fee
  • Students of universities or colleges that change to online-only classes aren’t included
  • The university or college must provide in-person classes
  • The student must have a valid I-20

Travelers holding a valid F1 or F2 visa and a valid 1-20 can apply for admission after traveling to the US. They needn’t reapply.

Academics with J1 visas and their dependents have a valid DS-2019. If they fall under the following categories, they are allowed to enter the US:

  • Specialists
  • Short term scholars
  • Research scholars
  • Professors

The new rules aren’t applicable to:

  • summer work travel programs
  • teachers
  • trainees
  • interns
  • counsellors
  • summer camp
  • au pairs

Business travelers traveling with B1 or B2 visas and their dependents are exempted from the ban on entry to the US if the visa holders are:

  • Professional athletes and essential staff involved in major sporting events
  • Senior-level managers and executives
  • Technical experts and specialists

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