New UK Tech Nation visa for EU nationals soon

Tech Nation visa for EU nationals

Tech Nation has announced a new 5-year visa for EU citizens. This new visa will be launched in January 2021. With this, the Tech Nation Global Talent visa will become accessible to the EU’s top talent in the tech sector.

Tech Nation Global Talent visa
A visa for founders and employers who have technical or business backgrounds. This includes all sub-sectors of technology like AI, games, and fintech. It’s a 5-year visa that enables the holder to work in UK, change employers, or be self-employed. There won’t be any need for further authorization for this.

The holders of this new visa will be allowed to bring their families via UK migration. Under the Tech Nation visa, over 3,000 foreign nationals have arrived in the UK. They include professionals like:

  • Software Engineers
  • Strategists
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Designers
Pathways to the UK with Tech Nation visa
For those who are established in their field For those who are starting their careers

Visa approval does not require the applicant to be tied to a particular employer. This will give the EU nationals the flexibility to switch between job roles if not starting their own company.

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