France makes residence application easy for foreign students

France makes student residence application online

France is opening an online service that international students can use to apply for residence permits from home, eliminating the need to show up at the prefecture offices or make appointments to do so.

ANEF-séjour, the online application service, is designed to facilitate the procedures for international students to apply for residence permits in France. This could be a residence permit renewal or getting the first permit after receiving a visa.

Benefits of online application
  • Check application status online
  •  Respond to additional information requests
  •  Be informed about the decision taken on applications

The students who want to study in France should appear in person only when the residence permit is due to be collected.

Benefits of digitization of residence permit applications
  • It solves the issue of access in instances like submitting applications.
  • It speeds up the requests for processing the issuance of residence permits.
  • It will modernize the work tools of prefectures.
  • It will reduce the number of visits to prefectures.

Computers, smartphones, and tablets can be used to submit applications without the need to give the same information repeatedly. So, if the fingerprints were collected at the consulate, the applicant needn’t provide them again at the prefecture.

The ANEF program was started in December 2015. It was meant to implement an information system that will help prefectural officers with applications for asylum. In February 2019 it continued as the VLS-TS teleservice for online validation was opened.

ANEF service today intends to benefit foreign students, especially with the dematerialization of every residence permit request and requests for French nationality. Such applications will be done by the end of 2022.

The ANEF service also aims to contribute to bringing international students to France, within the framework of the French government’s “Bienvenue en France” plan.

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