New partner visa treatment raises valid criticism in Australia

Australia Partner Visa

Partner visa is a temporary Australia travel visa. It allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen to visit Australia. The latest development in the issue of this visa has caused changes in the travel plans of these partners. This also creates a less friendly scenario to apply for a permanent partner visa!

Peter Dutton, the Australian Home Affairs Minister, has implemented new measures for the issue of partner visas. The latest development brings with it an extended time of up to 2 years to get partner visas. Coupled with a higher cost of application, it does leave applicants concerned.

Australian immigration policies on partner visas have been traditionally generous. The current dent to this is facing criticism. The new scenario is upsetting applicants. There is an allegation of a failure to act on backlogged applications by Home Affairs. The established practice by Australian law deals with partner visa applications on a demand basis. Yet, this is now challenged.

Australia immigration consultants are keeping a close watch on the current development. The angst of overseas married/de facto partners is rising. It is more so in the light of a privatised visa system. It could raise the application cost beyond $8000. This will come with a longer waiting period. Even the premium channel by private players for visa application may not help. This is because of the difficulty of meeting the costs.

The decision by Peter Dutton to cut down on partner visa allocations appears scandalous. It will affect those attempting to join their Australian spouses. A possibility of an increased departure of Australians from their homeland exists. This will hopefully alert the ministry. That could bring affairs back to a positive mode. That will also help set straight the long-kept credibility for migrant policies in Australia. If you are looking to Visit, Study, Work, Invest or Migrate to Australia, talk to Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 Immigration & Visa Company.

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