What are the different types of available Australian Bridging Visas?

Australia 489 Visa

To be able to stay in Australia legally while your visa application is being processed or you are preparing to depart the country, you need a Bridging Visa. 

Here are the different types of Australian Bridging Visas: 

  1. Bridging Visa A 

If you are already on an Australian Visa and you apply for another Australian visa category, you will be granted a Bridging Visa A. The BVA will allow you to live in Australia legally while your other visa application is under process. 

Key things to note about a Bridging Visa A: 

Travel rights 

  • You do not have any travel rights on a BVA. If you do leave Australia, you will not be allowed to re-enter Australia on the BVA. 
  • If you travel on your existing Australian Visa after lodging a different Australian Visa, your BVA stands cancelled if you leave Australia. You will have to reapply to reinstate your BVA once you come back to Australia. If you do not reinstate your BVA before your current visa expires, you stay in Australia will be considered illegal. 

              Work rights 

  • You do not generally have any work rights on a BVA. To work in Australia, you may need to apply for a Bridging Visa, which does not have a restriction on work rights. However, to do so, you need to prove that you are facing financial hardships. 
  • If you were in Australia on a substantive Employer-sponsored Visa and if you still meet the requirements of the same, you will automatically be given work rights 
  • You will be automatically granted work rights if you have applied for an onshore Partner Visa while your visa application is under process 
  1. Bridging Visa B 

If you wish to travel outside Australia but not have your BVA cancelled, you need to apply for the Bridging Visa B. 

Important things about the Bridging Visa B: 

  • The validity of the BVB is generally three months, so you have to come back to Australia within this time frame 
  • Since the BVB has a short validity, it is advisable to apply for the same only two to three weeks before you travel 
  • You can have a BVA and a BVB at the same time 
  1. Bridging Visa C 

If your visa status in Australia is not legal, but you lodge a valid substantive visa application, then you are granted a Bridging Visa C. This applies if you have overstayed your visa and have become illegal but then have lodged a valid visa application. 

Important things about the Bridging Visa C: 

  • The BVC does not have any travel rights. If you do leave Australia, you can not come back to Australia on this visa. You also cannot apply for a BVB to leave Australia. 
  • The initial BVC that you are granted does not have work rights. However, you may be allowed to work if the substantive visa that you applied for is Subclass 189, Subclass 188, Subclass 190, Subclass 186 etc. 
  1. Bridging Visa D 

If your substantive visa has expired, the Bridging Visa D allows you to live in Australia legally till you apply for another substantive visa. 

Important things to note about the Bridging Visa D: 

  • The validity of the BVD is just 5 working days. You have to use these 5 days to make a substantive visa application or prepare to depart from Australia. 
  • There are no travel rights on the BVD 
  • You do not have work rights on the BVD 
  1. Bridging Visa E 

If your current substantive visa has expired, the Bridging Visa E allows to legally stay in Australia while waiting for an immigration decision or preparing to leave Australia. 

Important things to note about the Bridging Visa E: 

  • The BVE does not have any travel rights. The visa stands cancelled once you leave Australia. You cannot re-enter Australia unless you are granted another substantive visa. 
  • You visa grant letter will specify if you have work rights or not. If you are not allowed to work and still do so, you may be detained or deported from Australia. 

What is a substantive visa? 

A substantive visa is any visa which is not one of the following: 

  • Bridging Visa 
  • Enforcement Visa 
  • Criminal Justice Visa 

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