My journey as a Digital Marketer from Australia to Canada

My journey as a Digital Marketer from Australia to Canada

I was the only girl child in my family. So, I became most favorite for everyone. They used to give lots of attention to me. They raised me in a very comfortable zone. But when I grew, I slowly realized that “great achievements will never come from comfort zones.

Hence, I started exploring myself by knowing my weakness and began to correct them. Later, I realized my interests in computer based technologies. During my +2, I created my account in Orkut, the pioneer among the social networking sites. Me and my old friends used to chat for hours together to share our pictures, ideas, messages, etc. at the internet cafes.

A life changing thought..

I wondered how one platform can connect people in other countries. It’s really surprising right. Then, I have a thought, why can’t it be used as a platform to market different products. This interest led me to do BBA in Digital Marketing in NDIM, New Delhi. Next, with so much enthusiasm, I did my MBA in Digital Marketing in NDIM and secured good score.

Opportunities don’t happen, we have to create them

After completion of my Masters’, I gained good knowledge about digital marketing and how to use it to increase the product market. But I really want to practically prove it my own findings. I started testing my findings on one of my close friend’s company. It gave good results. His company grew in sales with the techniques and methods I used. I was really happy to become the reason for his company’s growth. I gained confidence and started applying to jobs in behemoth companies. I also added it to my resume as a real-time experience project.

I didn’t have great hopes, but I strongly believed that, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” After 1 month struggle, I got placed in a well reputed company as a Social Media Marketer.

Accept challenges to grow…

The company gave me a huge platform to explore and learn various things. But there are many challenges to tackle with, where I learned several key points to success. I realized that, “a little progress in each day adds up to big results.”

Slowly, I started improving myself to meet the requirements of the company. I became one of the reputed person, being known as “hard worker with smart efforts.” I got pretty good hike in my salary and gave many comforts along with position.

But, I am not satisfied with what I achieved. I have a strong aspiration to add abroad experience, which is something big. The real confusion, started from here. My parents refused my wish for the first time, as they want me to get married.

Flying high to Kangaroo country…

Somehow I managed them explaining my goals and dreams. By God’s grace they accepted my desire. I started searching jobs in Australia. One day, while go through my friends list in Face Book, I came across my childhood friend who got settled in Australia after marriage. I just contacted her asking about all the immigration procedures, jobs in Digital Marketing field, etc. Then her husband, who is been into the similar field referred me for the role I am searching for. Finally, after many efforts I secured job in Australia in a reputed company.

I am overwhelmed with joy and happiness after getting my visa to Australia. Finally, I took flight to Sydney and flied high in clouds with full of excitement.

The step to Canada in challenging times…

I really enjoyed working in Australia for more than three years. Then I applied for permanent residency in Australia. But in 2020, the country had a very bad hit due to advent of Corona virus. The Australian government has also mandated strict requirements to get permanent residency for temporary immigrants.

I am in a confused situation, whether to return or try hard to get PR in Australia. Many of my friends who are Australian residents also started packing their bags to immigrate to Canada. This is because the government failed to support during pandemic and narrowed pathway to permanent residency.

Hence most of colleagues and friends in Australia has decided to give up their Australian dreams in favor of welcoming new life and opportunities in Canada. Even I also decided to migrate to Canada from Australia along with PR.

Then many questions were rattling around my mind. How to start the process? What is the procedure? What if it doesn’t goes well? What is the next step and all? I have just gone crazy with all these thoughts. But all these were answered clearly by Y-Axis.

The decisive step in life…

I just thought to seek immigration consultancies, then I came across Y-Axis in Sydney, Australia. They gave immediate attention to my concerns and gave free counseling to me about the complete details of immigration from Australia to Canada.

Australia to Canada through ‘Y-Axis’

Y-Axis, the right facilitator to unlock the cross border opportunities. The immigration professionals has guided me with all the accurate steps required for immigration. Y-Axis enlightened me with all the Canadian economic immigration pathways.

I am more interested in the immigration pathways that leads to a Canada PR visa. The top among the list as per my requirement includes: Express Entry, Provincial nomination, Quebec-selected skilled workers.

Among these I choose to apply for Express Entry Program. But I need to have a valid offer letter from a company in Canada. So, to get job offer in Canada, Y-Axis assisted me with the following:

  • Eligibility Check

Before migrating to Canada, you need to check your eligibility to migrate to Canada. You can check it through Y-Axis free immigration points calculator for Canada instantly.  So, I first checked my eligibility score to Canada. I scored 74 points, where I took first step towards success.

  • Resume preparation

Y-Axis has a professional team which assisted me in preparing my resume for the job search in Canada.

  • IELTS coaching

I also need to get the recent IELTS score, for which I need coaching. Y-Axis Coaching, delivers world-class training for language proficiency, has shared a few links regarding the Coaching Demo Videos, which gave me to join the batch immediately.

IELTS is the most sought-after standardized test, where you need to score above 8 to get qualified in the express entry pool of candidates. Hence, I took coaching from the IELTS professionals in Y-Axis, and I scored pretty well. This has boosted my chances to get selected in the pool.

  • ECA report

Y-Axis assists you in getting the ECA (Educational credential assessment (ECA) for Express Entry) done easily.

  • Job Search

Y-Axis has a strong network that assisted me in searching for a Digital Marketer job in Ontario by connecting with employers overseas as per niches which I preferred. Finally, I got an offer letter from a behemoth organization in Ontario, Canada, through Y-Axis.

Apart from these, I also realized that I need to get more documentations for getting the Visa to Canada. For this it requires lot of time and effort, but Y-Axis minimized all those by providing concierge services like:

  • Attestation
  • Exam Slot Booking
  • Banking Services
  • International Remittance
  • International Sim Card
  • Forex Assistance
  • Travel Insurance

Submission of profile in Express Entry

Finally, after gathering all the required things for applying I filled the online forms  and submitted my profile and entered the Express Entry pool. Don’t worry the process became online due to the advent of COVID, but it is easy if you keep all the documents ready.

Invitation to Apply

I am fortunate to receive the invitation to apply as I met their CRS score, eligibility requirements and others which made my profile to stand out of the crowd.  Not all Express Entry profiles are Invited to Apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Applying for Canada PR

After receiving the Invitation to Apply (ITA), I started completing the application with the help of Y-Axis professionals. They really trained me well in segregating all the documents required. So, I submitted my application for Canada PR, IRCC.

I could easily submit my IELTS scorecard and ECA report under the guidance of Y-Axis experts.

In Ontario, Canada

The processing took more than 6 months and I finally took a flight and stepped into Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, with so much enthusiasm. In fact, I have followed all the strict and stringent measures required before landing. I have undergone PCR tests, submitted all the documentations required in the ArriveCAN, etc.

I took a deep breath after landing in the immigration friendly country, as it has a huge platform to grow my career graph as a Digital Marketer.
Now, I got settled permanently in the country by enjoying all the benefits.

If you also want to migrate to Canada as an immigrant, contact Y-Axis – the right path is the Y-path, i.e., Y-Axis.

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