Migrants to Australia to be redirected from Sydney to regional areas


As Sydney house prices continue to surge exponentially, the Australian government is planning to redirect migrants to regional areas.

Anthony Roberts, the NSW Planning Minister, had earlier expressed apprehensions that Sydney’s burgeoning population was having on its home prices. With Australia’s largest city’s population set to reach 9.9 million within two decades, 660,000 new homes are needed to accommodate them.

Two-thirds of Sydney’s population rise would reportedly be driven by foreign and interstate migrants.

Alex Hawke, Federal Assistant Immigration Minister, was quoted by the Daily Telegraph as saying that one of the Turnbull government’s  major priorities was looking at ways of goading migrants to settle in places other than Sydney – a city which has seen its house prices jump by 16 percent in the past one year.

He said that the government appreciated the fact that Sydney will continue being an attractive destination for people from abroad and within Australia, but they were working with state and regional governments to collaborate with them to see how migrants could be attracted to other regional centres.

According to him, regions which were identified included the Central Coast and Goulburn could be developed to make them more luring to migrants.

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