Migrant NHS workers, overstayers can now stay back in the UK

Overstayers not penalized anymore in UK

The UK’s Home Office has eased visa restrictions for:

  • NHS workers
  • Migrant entrepreneurs
  • Overstayers

This has been done considering the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. The move is expected to give more credibility to UK immigration.

  • Penalties for overstaying have been eliminated.
  • NHS workers who are now in the UK on a visa can work anywhere for any number of hours.

The new rules benefit overseas NHS staff, entrepreneurs, international students, and those who have overstayed their UK visas. The NHS has confirmed that no adverse immigration consequences will be imposed on those whose visa or leave to remain got expired in the period from January 24, 2020, and August 31, 2020, and who didn’t submit an application to extend their stay in the UK.

Even when such exemption from a penalty is granted, there’s a catch in a certain case. Those who didn’t apply for an extension of visa after expiry, for their current stay in the UK will have to make arrangements to exit UK in case they apply for another UKvisa.

A request for additional time to stay in the UK is granted for foreign nationals who were due to leave the country in November 2020. This is granted if they have not been able to leave owing to restrictions on flights, or being tested positive for COVID-19.

Relaxations by visa type
NHS Workers
Overseas NHS workers can now work at any hospital during COVID-19. They can serve in any job in healthcare, at any skill level. There will be no cap on the number of hours they can work.
Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa (now Innovator visa)
Innovator visa holders need not hire a minimum of 2 people for 12 months consecutively. There can be multiple jobs assigned to the candidates in the 12 months which needn’t be consecutive.
International students
International students can now start to study in UK even before their Tier 4 visa has been issued.  For this, they must have confirmed admission to a course of study at their place or an application must be made for renewal of their existing visa before its expiration.
British nationals overseas
British nationals overseas trying to apply for a passport can submit the application online with the Home Office.

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