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Posted on February 23 2022

MBA Salaries of Top 25 B-Schools in 2022

By  Editor
Updated June 07 2023

Jonathan Levin is the Dean of Stanford School of Business. He has praised Stanford’s 2021 employment report, and he has also said that his words can be taken up for all the MBAs of top B-Schools available in the United States. The dean said that the MBAs of 2021 have learned about the ways of dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity. Why study in B-Schools?

Before the advent of the corona virus pandemic, Stanford was included in the list of many success stories. Besides Stanford, other B-Schools are also included on the basis of employment accepted and growing salaries. All this information has been included in the table below.

P&Q Rank  School Median Starting Base Salary (2021)
1 Stanford GSB $158,400
2 Chicago (Booth) $155,000
3 Penn (Wharton) $155,000
4 Northwestern (Kellogg) $150,000
5 Harvard Business School $150,500
6 MIT (Sloan) $150,000
7 Columbia $150,000
8 Dartmouth (Tuck) $150,000
9 UC-Berkeley (Haas) $149,000
10 Yale SOM $140,100

Highest salary jumps were reported...

The highest salary jump was reported by Stanford, which went up to $161,831. The next school is Stern School of Business affiliated to New York University. This school reported the salary increase of $150K. The school that went beyond the salary jump of Stanford School is Jones Graduate School of business which has reported the salary growth to more than 6%.Other B-Schools have also shown the salary growth between $130K and $150K.

Benefits of studying MBA

People having MBA from these B-Schools can get a high salary. Besides this, there are many other benefits, which the MBA candidates from these B-Schools can avail.

Communication skills are improved

MBA programs help the candidates to improve their communication. Excellent written and verbal communication is needed in all the departments of a business, and the degree can help the candidates to improve their communication.

Skillset of MBAs are attractive for employers

MBA programs have a good course curriculum, which consists of a good number of topics. These topics improve the leadership skills of the candidates. New MBAs are a good option for the leadership designation.

MBA hires have great strategic thinking ability

The new MBA hires have a subject called strategy in their curriculum. This topic develops strategic thinking in the candidates.  Many recruiters check the strategic thinking of a candidate before hiring him. Recruiters also want that the MBA candidates should be able to manage people. Many recruiters have predicted that there will be a high demand for the candidates who have the skilll of strategic thinking.

Technology management

Technology management is another thing that an MBA candidate should possess. Recruiters always look for MBA candidates who have a good technical knowledge. Such people can get the following designations.

  • Informatinal techmology manager
  • Database administrator
  • Software project manager


Entrepreneurship is another option that MBA candidates can avail. Such candidates have the ability to launch their business. They can also get anoccupationof management consultant and senior product manager.

Financial services and economics

Financial services and economics is another field where MBAs can get a good occupation with a high salary. Different kinds of businesses can be included in the field of finance. These businesses include banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, and many others. Technology has made the designations ina financial company very specific. Candidates getting an MBA degree can hold a senior position in such  companies and get a high salary.It has been expected that there will be a growth of 5% in financial occupations till 2029.


Marketing is another field where MBA candidates are needed. Candidates can get the occupation of marketing manager, which is a high-paying occupation. Other roles include vice presidents, marketing directors, and many more.


B-Schools have given the report of increase of salaries for the MBA candidates. The schools have told that there will be increase in demand for the MBA candidates in different fields. The companies will hire these candidates and will give them a high salary.

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