More temp visa holders have to migrate to USA to save the US labor market

Increase in job vacancies due to less foreign workers in US

Here’s some fresh insight into the labor market situation in the USA. This says a lot about US immigration and why the USA must put its act together much better with regards to visas like H1B and those who migrate to USA on it.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a considerable decrease in the number of temporary foreign workers in the USA. This includes H1B visa holders. Naturally, the situation must have been improved with more American workers filling the job vacancies that were unfilled in the circumstance. But that hasn’t happened.

In the fiscal year 2019, the number of H1B-speciality occupations in the USA has been 190,000. In 2020, it decreased to 125,000 followed by a further reduction to 62,000 in 2022. This was revealed in a study by NFAP.

In their study, it became clear that the reduction in the number of temporary workers as those who worked in the US on H1B visas did not lead to an increase in demand for skilled workers in the USA with qualifications similar to foreign workers.

It’s an ironic situation. Those who oppose H1B visas say it takes away opportunities from American citizens. But now, they aren’t helping to fill the void created by the absence of foreign workers who meet certain job requirements as in skills and qualifications.

The present scenario acknowledges that American employers need more skilled and qualified workers from sources domestic and foreign. The requirement for temporary employers in the USA on visas including H1B, J1, and H2B to meet the labor requirements of US employers is pressing the US government to act too. It will be imperative for them to conduct additional visa lotteries and open the pathways for more temporary visa holders to arrive in the US and take up vacant job positions.

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