Malaysian visitors denied entry in Australia for fear of Tourist Visa abuse

Malaysian visitors denied entry in Australia for fear of Tourist Visa abuse

It is getting tougher for Malaysian tourists to enter Australia for fear of Visa abuse. In the past, many cases have been reported where Malaysian tourists were found rorting the Australian Visa system.

The Malaysian Consulate in Sydney confirmed the fact that more Malaysians are being deported at the airport despite having obtained tourist visas.

Malaysia took the top spot amongst countries with the most cases of Visa fraud confirmed a spokesperson from the Dept. of Home Affairs, as per The major reason for denial of visas was that Malaysians were working as fruit pickers in Australia without obtaining the necessary work permit.

In 2017, Rod Smith, Former Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia, warned Malaysians to be wary of Visa scams promising job opportunities in Australia. A large number of Malaysians were also found seeking protection visas over financial hardships which also made getting visas harder. A protection visa in Australia gives the Visa holder all the facilities including full work rights from day one.

Over 64,000 people overstayed their Visa duration last year with Malaysians again topping the dubious list. There also have been reports of Malaysians obtaining fake identities from criminals to gain entry in Australia.

The Dept. of Home Affairs, however, strongly denies the allegation that Malaysians are being denied Visas because of reports of Visa fraud. The Dept. says that Australia welcomes over 400,000 Malaysians every year including students, tourists, and entrepreneurs. However, they also have an extremely robust process in place to ensure that the Visa system is not misused.

The Dept. also said that Malaysians were eligible to apply for ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) which allows them to go to Australia for short-term activities like tourism. The ETA is a short-term multiple entry tourist visa which is issued for a duration of 12 months. The holder may visit Australia multiple times in the 12 months but the length of stay each time should not exceed 3 months.

ETA’s like tourist visas do not provide work rights. People who are found illegally working in Australia face deportation as well as a three-year ban from entering Australia. Hence, it is highly advisable for people to understand fully what their Visa allows them to do in Australia.

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